About Us

Our story

We build things that haven’t been built before. We specialize in very innovative projects that require highly skilled developers or even full-blown R&D teams. We’re not a good fit for helping you build out a custom CMS, but we can help turn your dream dApp into a reality, or put together a bespoke cryptocurrency according to your requirements.

VGNG believe that software development is both a trade and a lifestyle. We were founded by a developer to build cutting-edge blockchain systems, and that’s what we do. We think we’re extremely good at it.  

Reliable, high-end blockchain technical teams capable of working on the frontier of innovation are in short supply, and so we’ve refined our service offering over time to fill that gap.

Our team

Vidor Gencel

Technical Lead​​

Vidor has extensive experience with blockchain and has previously architected and built a number of blockchain systems and served as CTO to a number of startups. He has worked in software development for over a decade. He is currently working on his PhD in distributed systems.​

Matthew Martin

Commercial Lead

Matt handles the product and operations sides of VGNG. Matt has commercial and product experience from Amazon and Capgemini as well as startups in blockchain, healthtech, and grocery retail and has served as a consultant to a number of blockchain startups.​

Andrej Budincevic

Blockchain Engineer

Andrej is a dedicated blockchain engineer with years of experienced building applied blockchain systems and a focus on infrastructure. He has worked in a range of projects from large cryptocurrencies to EU blockchain projects.

Boris Vujicic

Senior Fullstack Developer

Boris is an experienced fullstack developer. He’s previously done work for United Airlines and MTV and built systems that are used by millions of people every day. 

Predrag Beocanin

UI/UX Designer

Predrag handles UI and UX for our clients. His designs have previously been used by Facebook, Invision, and even Kawasaki motorcycles. He’s used to working on the cutting edge of consumer design.

Natalija Lovrincevic

Front-End Developer

Natalija is our dedicated front-end developer. She’s familiar with building across both desktop and mobile platforms using modern Front-End frameworks.

Let's work together

We’re happy to provide initial consultations at no cost.